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Ettore Cipollone

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Blind drummer and motivational speaker Ettore Cipollone lost his sight as a teenager through a high school fist fight.  Ettore came from a working class family and struggled with poor literacy skills compounded by his disability.

However he has risen above his very disadvantaged background to find purpose and passion for life. From working on an assembly line in sheltered workshops, Ettore worked as a business to business telemarketer, generating thousands of dollars in business sales. He also worked as a telephonist for a high pressured computer sales company and as a speaker for a major charity, raising funds and promoting awareness. During this time he raised close to a million dollars in a very short time, targeting high schools, community groups and service clubs.  Ettore has mentored others who suffer with emotional or physical disabilities and has now drawn on his own experience to develop strategies to play out successfully this rhythm of life which is in his keynote presentation tilted, “Drums Speak Louder Than Words”.   

Watch and listen to Ettore’s  drumming demonstration as he plays the drum kit to illustrate and highlight points from his very inspiring talk. He will usually end this presentation on a lighter note by letting loose and having some fun playing along to one of his karaoke-drum tracks.

Ettore’s dynamic and entertaining presentation is very ideal for corporate conferences, small workshops and for job seekers with a disability as well as high school music events. He delivers his message in a concise manner for a unique, emotional experience you won’t easily forget. 

Bookings with Ettore for a one on one mentoring session or small group to large conference talk, can be made directly through Ettore’s email or by phoning his mobile. 

Drums Speak Louder Than Words 

Facilitator and Motivational Speaker


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