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Rosie Pekar

Affectionately known as the BUT Kicker, after 16 years in law enforcement and investigations, Rosie became an Author, Motivational Speaker and International Presenter delivering Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Resilience training around the globe. Described as ‘seriously unique’, at 5’2 she has been personal protection to HRH, slept in crocodile beds as the only white woman to enter sacred sites territory in the Australian outback and provided trauma therapy in tsunami disaster that claimed over 200,000 lives. Her skills recognized by the Australian Government being showcased internationally as a Success Specialist.

This Ex-Cop Admits Kicking BUT!

Are you ready to Kick “BUT”?  Across Australia, America and Asia thousands have already experienced the powerful phenomenon that is Rosie Pekar, “Professional ‘BUT’ Kicker”. Kicking “BUT” – or “Bloody Useless Thoughts” – is her mission.  And it seems people can’t get enough of her no-excuses, Kick “BUT” strategies.

Rosie tells her story in media around the globe.  She’s beaten all the odds to transform a life of violence, crime and anguish into a life of success. The KICKBUT® basics and how ‘to’s’ on Powerful Being quickly turn Failure into AMAZING SUCCESS!

Utilised by corporate, government and school groups to motivate, inspire and empower, Rosie shares powerful stories based on real life experience.  ‘How UDIFFER’ is the key to success, a popular keynote that effortlessly connects and engages with humor across all audiences.

Dedicated to inspiring the best professionally; “Rosie you are a game changer!”   Arbonne

KICKBUT and her recent research initiative of ‘HEROS for HEROS’ is making a difference in the lives of those she touches.  A Leader in her field, appearing alongside Ita Buttrose and Wayne Pearce on Leadership and in the US alongside Brian Tracey and Stephen Covey, Rosie is now officially recognized by the US government with extra-ordinary ability.

“Rosie is a must see, a must hear. Simply unforgettable!”    Griffith University.

Street smarts, spiritual sense and business savvy!

Amazing, outstanding and first class.’ ANZ

Rosie is the Author of Four Books

The Art of Powerful Living

The Facts of Life Exposed. Kick But. It’s Time… and

Cracking the Human Code

Expert Features in 

Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed

Mission Possible

One Minute Success System

Rosie Pekar is the absolute leader in changing minds, she is regularly featured in the media and is available for interviews.

She has featured on 3AK, 2UE, 5AA, ABC, 3NE, 2AY and in New York WOR710AM Joey Reynolds and Memphis Steve Gill Show. Her articles have appeared in Vision Magazine (U.S), Mind, Body, Spirit (U.S), Australian Business Success, Australian Business Essentials, The Sydney Leader, Business Bangkok, The Border Mail and lifestyle programs, MPower Tv (U.S), The Time of Your Life, Sunrise, news channels 7,9 and 10 and International Columnist with XL magazine distributed globally and Working Moms Africa amongst others. 

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