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Sue Henry

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Sue is an adaptable and versatile presenter that has spoken to hundreds of organisations, groups and community organisations for more than 20 years ranging from global brands such as Facebook, Qantas and Tupperware to government agencies, small businesses and community groups.

Sue has a range of topics with which she delivers inspiration, practicality and humour to her audiences. She brings a plethora of experience to her presentations, she has worked in and for most industries.

Sue’s gift is the way she consumes information and interprets experience as custom lessons. She can take a piece of information, file it away and when it’s time she can weave that information into a meaningful and timely story or catalyst for change.

Sue is well known amongst her clients for getting results, what the current marketing trends are, what activities cost and how to source cost effective solutions. Her clients report outstanding results including one who had profit growth by over 3000%.

In Jan 2012 Sue Henry received a call that no one wants, her 72 year old father had been assaulted in his home and was unlikely to make it through the night. What unfolded was an incredible tale of murder, courage, forgiveness and a new understanding of life. Sue is now on a personal mission is to share the lessons she has gained from her father’s murder and to honour his memory by helping others.

Sue’s life revolves around her family, friends and having a few good laughs. She is passionate about life, a dedicated Sydney Swans supporter, a champion for indigenous health issues and a huge advocate for supporting families affected by crime.

Sue’s Speciality Topics

  • Defining Moments of Life
  • Being Your Best
  • Networking
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Trends
  • Engaging Customers

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Phone                  0418 506 671

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