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Tess Graham


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Tess Graham is known worldwide for her ability to deliver with clarity and conviction, a stunning take-home message one that can begin to transform your health on the very next breath you take.

Over the last two decades, with extraordinary and consistent success, Tess has helped thousands of people improve their health and wellbeing, reduce anxiety and get restful sleep – simply through changing the way they breathed.

Tess is an experienced clinician, published author, internationally recognised expert and one of the world’s most prominent speakers on her subject – breathing health. Tess has a science degree in anatomy and physiology, postgraduate qualifications in physiotherapy and breathing retraining, and has been involved in research with asthma, sleep disorders and sports performance.  Her powerful message is this: Getting your breathing right is the single most important thing you can do to promote robust physical and mental health, get quality sleep and protect yourself from breathing and stress-related illness. 

And getting your breathing right is the opposite of what most people think! Tess overturns common misconceptions about breathing, in particular that ‘the deeper we breathe the better’.  Nothing she teaches is rocket science, but everything she teaches is backed by science.

Tess’s presentations are informative, relevant and practical. She shares with her audience the tools to make positive changes in the way they breathe. They can begin by simply taking their next breath … differently. Tess’s unique approach is easy, uncomplicated and doable for busy people. Participants leave her events inspired and already noticing benefits, like lower heart rate, less congestion and more focus, and can look forward to quieter, more restful sleep. 

Tess has addressed over 500 audiences in Australia and abroad. Her message is broadly relevant and powerful – it’s for every breath you take.

“There’s not a single living (breathing) human being who doesn’t need to hear Tess Graham’s powerful message.  Tess is a superb presenter who has honed and refined her delivery of a revolutionary breakthrough in breathing health. She brings passion, skill and wisdom to the challenge of changing lives for the better.”
Peter Thompson, writer, filmmaker, critic


  • Widely known for her ability to amaze and engage, to captivate and motivate, Tess is popular with audiences from all walks of life.
  • For more than two decades Tess has researched and field-tested her breathing health methods, and delivered presentations and trainings to thousands of lay and professional audiences.
  • Tess offers the ultimate ‘take-away’:  audiences can begin to implement changes in their breathing and feel the benefits even before the presentation has drawn to a close.
  • Tess has authored the ground-breaking book, Relief from Snoring in Sleep Apnoea. The book is a template of her teachings throughout an outstanding career that has improved the health of thousands of people.

Tess’s 4 core presentations

So you think you can breathe?

We all need to breathe – it’s the first thing we do in life, and it’s the last. Breathing is the most fundamental function of the human body and yet very few people breathe optimally. In this foundational seminar, Tess dispels common myths about breathing and gets you started on simple strategies to breathe well, sleep well, increase your energy, and improve your  performance and wellbeing – starting during the presentation. It’s as natural as taking your next breath … differently

What I wouldn’t give for a good night’s sleep …

Are you waking up feeling like you haven’t slept at all? If you snore or sleep poorly, you could be harming your health, your relationship and possibly your job security. Studies show businesses lose billions of dollars each year through absenteeism, workplace accidents and poor productivity due to worker fatigue. To sleep well, (and quietly) you first need to breathe well. In this presentation, Tess will show you how to breathe better today to improve the quality of your sleep, turn down the decibels, and wake refreshed. This presentation goes further than simple ‘sleep hygiene ‘practices through its powerful focus on improving the way you breathe. “The best sleep in decades” is the most frequently reported comment the day after this presentation.

Just Chill – cool, calm and in control 

Are you feeling constantly stressed and revved up? Stress has consequences for personal health and wellbeing and is also a big issue for employers.  Research confirms the rising incidence of anxiety and stress-related disorders. In this compelling presentation, Tess shows you how to manage your physiology to stay calm under pressure, defuse the stress response, increase resilience, elevate your level of performance and energy, and sleep well at night.

Heart happy exercise and energy management

We all know we should exercise to maintain our health and energy. But that’s hard when you’re exhausted and when exercise makes you breathless. The key to happy, healthy and safe exercise is to get your breathing right. Learn the steps to restore efficient, comfortable breathing and to boost your fitness, energy and sports performance.  You will learn the connection between your breathing pattern, the diameter of your airways and the oxygen delivery to your heart and muscles. You will learn how to breathe right now to have a safer more enjoyable experience next time you exercise.


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