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Wendy Dumaresq


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Wendy is known by her clinic community and from speaking and facilitating events on natural health as someone who delivers information and strategies to empower and inspire communities to take an active role in their health and well-being. 

“…Wendy impressed me with her integrity, years of experience and commitment to her patient’s best interests.  Most of all however I was impressed with how practical and informative her book ‘Radiant Women’ is for women going through menopause because it addresses this need women have to understand their bodies for themselves.” (Dr. Rowena Witham, BMBS)

With many years of study and consulting in natural and complementary health and two books already published, ‘Radiant Women’ and ‘Enterprise with Soul’ Wendy continues to produce valuable information and easy to implement strategies for individuals and groups to take charge of their own health future.

“…The simple yet powerful processes employed by Wendy were both inspiring and pragmatic and resulted in me being able to more concisely define ‘who I am’ in the context of my personal life and link it with my occupational mission…” (V. Nash, M.A, )

Wendy has a degree and background in Business and has been a small business owner for many years. Her business background as well as natural health qualifications and experience have resulted in Wendy’s interest in presenting to and working with groups from workplace communities. Wendy aims to devise programs which enhance individual health and well-being and so assist to improve both individual performance, enjoyment and motivation in workplaces communities and in  participants personal wellness experience.   


Women’s Health

For many years Wendy has focussed her clinical work as well as spoken and facilitated events on women’s and men’s reproductive health and more generally on women’s health issues. Wendy’s Inspired Self-Healing programs and events can cover a variety of health and well-being issues from building resilience in women’s and men’s general health to more specific issues in women’s health.

Some of the areas issues covered can be and are not limited to natural and complementary options in:

  • Problems with periods – such as period pain, PMS, inconsistent cycles, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Mood and motivation issues
  • Dietary and lifestyle gems which can greatly improve vitality and quality of life at all ages.
  • How to monitor your own progress with charting and observation
  • Menopause – including pre, peri and post menopause
  • Strong bones program
  • Improved energy and vitality and greater quality of life for all women from teens to our Elder Wise Women.
  • Pre-conception care for better baby outcomes
  • Fertility concerns for men and women
  • Pregnancy care
  • Post natal care

General Health for Men and Women and Well at Work

Years at the coal face treating individuals for the consequences of less than ideal inappropriate work , health and lifestyle practices as well as her patients confusion as to their direction in life has resulted in Wendy releasing the Enterprise with Soul book and Well@Work programs . and seeking to address destructive workplace issues which can greatly undermine health and wellness.

Effective, simple to implement and safe natural and complementary medicine strategies are extremely beneficial for those in the workplace to consider in order to build resilience to stress and improve general health status to have more enjoyable, higher performance experiences in the workplace and at home.

The Well at Work program (born from the Enterprise with Soul book program) is suitable for all types of work places from small business to focus groups within larger organisations both public and private.

… After working through the first section (of the program)…I have identified numerous issues that if left unresolved would have greatly influenced the progress of my enterprise. The time taken to work this program will be one of the most important investments you can make…” (R. Bradshaw, M.Sci, )



Book Speakers for Any Budget +1 (702) 997 2229

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